Cadence Community Spotlight Update - February 2022

Welcome to the Cadence Community Spotlight update!

This is the second in our series of monthly updates focused on the Cadence community and news about what you have been doing with Cadence. We hope that you enjoyed last month's update and are keen to find out what has been happening.

Please see below for a short activity roundup of what has happened recently in the community.

# Announcements

Just in case you missed it the alpha version of the Cadence notification service has been released. Details can be found at the following link: Cadence Notification Service (opens new window)

Thanks very much to everyone that worked on this!

# Community Supporting the Community

During February 16 questions were posted in the Cadence #support Slack (opens new window) channel from new Cadence users and existing community members looking for help and guidance. A very big thank you to the following community members who took the time to help others: Ali, David, Tamas Weisz, Liang Mei, Quanzheng Long, peaceChoi, Emrah Seker, Ben Slater and Sathyaraju Sekaran.

It’s great to see that we are supporting each other - and that is exactly what communities do!

# Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

Did you know that we have a Youtube channel where you can find Cadence related videos and even the recording of our last meetup? Well we do and you can find it here: Cadence Youtube (opens new window) Please subscribe and let us know what other videos you’d like to see there.

# Help us to Make Cadence even better

Are you interested in helping us improve Cadence? We are always looking for contributors to help share the workload. If you’d like to help then you can start by taking a look at our list of open issues (opens new window) on Github. We currently have 320 of them that need to be worked on so if you want to learn more about Cadence and solve some of the reported issues then please take a look and volunteer to fix it.

If you are new to Cadence or you’d like to try something simple then we have some issues labelled as ‘good first issue’. These are a great place to start to get more Cadence experience.

# Cadence Calendar

We have created a Cadence public calendar (opens new window) where we can highlight events, meetings, webinars etc that are planned around Cadence. The calendar will soon be available on the Cadence website (opens new window) so please make sure that you check it regularly. This means that you can easily find out if there are any Cadence events planned that you would like to attend.

# Cadence Technical Office Hours

Our second Technical Office Hours event took place on February 28th, Monday at 9AM PST. The main objective was provide Cadence support, respond to any questions about and to share any knowledge that you have learned. We always encourage community members to come along - and thanks very much to everyone who participated.

# Cadence in the News!

Below are a selection of Cadence related articles, blogs and whitepapers. Please take a look and feel free to share via your own social media channels.

# Upcoming Events

If you have any news or topics you'd like us to include in our next update then please join our Slack (opens new window)#community channel.

Please remember that this update is for you - so if you have any comments or feedback that could help us improve it then please share it with us in the #community Slack (opens new window) channel.