Cadence Community Spotlight Update - July 2022

Here’s our monthly Community Spotlight update that gives you news from in and around the Cadence community!

Please see below for a roundup of the highlights:

# Flying Drones with Cadence

Community member Paul Brebner (opens new window) has released another blog (opens new window) in the series of using Cadence to manage a drone delivery service. You can see a simulated view of it in action (opens new window)

Don’t forget to try out the code yourself and remember if you have used Cadence to do something interesting then please let us know so we can feature it in our next update.

# GitHub Statistics

During July the main Cadence branch had 28 pull requests (PRs) merged. There were 214 files changed by 11 different authors. You can find more details here (opens new window)

The Cadence documentation repository was not as busy with only 2 PRs merged in July, 5 commits and 3 authors active. More details can be found here (opens new window)

# Cadence Roadmap

The Cadence Core team has been busy this month looking at the various community feedback for potential improvements and features for Cadence. Planning is already in place for a development roadmap and it is still a little too early to say what will be included so please watch out for future updates. All I know is that it’s going to be exciting!

# Cadence in the News!

Below are a selection of Cadence related articles, blogs and whitepapers. Please take a look and feel free to share via your own social media channels.

# Upcoming Events

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