Cadence Community Spotlight Update - August 2022

Here’s the latest in our regular monthly Community Spotlight updates that gives you news from in and around the Cadence community!

Please see below for a roundup of the highlights:

# Community Survey

We are working on putting together our first community survey to find out a bit more about our community. We would like to get your feedback about on a few things such as:

  • how you are using Cadence
  • any specific experiences you have had where you'd like to see new features
  • any special use cases not yet covered
  • and of course whatever other feedback you'd like to give us

So please watch out for the survey which will be coming out to you via the Slack channel soon!

# Support Activity

We have noticed that community activity is increasing and that we are continuing to respond to questions in our Slack #support channel. Eight questions have been posted in the channel this month and another seven questions have been posted on StackOverflow. We encourage people to post their questions on StackOverflow so that the response can be shared. You can also post a link to the StackOverflow question in the support channel to be extra sure it gets seen by our community members.

We are looking always forward to receiving more of your questions!

# GitHub Activity

Do you remember our GitHub Statistics from last month? Don't worry if you don't! In July we had 28 pull requests (PRs) merged into the code repository. This month we have had 43 PRs merged (nearly double!)- so you can see the level of activity is also increasing in terms of the project code.

If you are interested in contributing to Cadence then please take a look at our Contribution Guidelines (opens new window) and also our list of good first issues (opens new window) to work on.

# Come Along to Our Next Cadence Meetup!

It's been a while since we had a Cadence meetup so we have decided to organise another one. This time we are planning to do an in-person meetup in the San Francisco Bay area in early November. We are looking for any companies using Cadence to come along and speak about how they are using it. We'd also like to hear about any interesting use cases that you have used Cadence for.

If you are interested in speaking at our next meetup then please contact Ender Demirkaya (opens new window)

# Looking for a Cadence Role?

The Cadence teeam at Uber are recruiting for a Fullstack Engineer. If you are interested then please contact Ender Demirkaya (opens new window) for more details.

# Cadence in the News!

Below are a selection of Cadence related articles, blogs and whitepapers. Please take a look and feel free to share via your own social media channels.

# Upcoming Events

If you have any news or topics you'd like us to include in our next update then please join our Slack (opens new window)#community channel.

Please remember that this update is for you - so if you have any comments or feedback that could help us improve it then please share it with us in the #community Slack (opens new window) channel.