Cadence Community Spotlight Update - January 2023

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s the latest in our regular monthly Community Spotlight updates that gives you news from in and around the Cadence community!

Please see below for a roundup of the highlights:

# Closing Down Cadence Office Hours

We have been running Office Hours sessions every month since May last year. The aim was to give the community an opportunity to speak directly with some of the Cadence core developers and experts to answer questions on particular issues you may be having. We have found that the most preferred method for community questions has been the support Slack channel so have decided to stop this monthly call.

Thanks very much to Ender Demirkaya (opens new window)and the Uber team for making themselves available for these sessions.

Please remember that if you have question about Cadence or are facing a specific issue then you can post your question in our #support Slack (opens new window) channel. If you also post the details on StackOverflow with the cadence workflow tag then there will be a searchable history for others who encounter the same issue to find a solution.

# Update on iWF Support for Cadence

Last October we featured an update in our monthly blog about iWF - Interpreter for Workflow (opens new window), a project built on top of Cadence by community member Quanzheng Long (opens new window). It was announced recently that iWF has released a Golang SDK (opens new window) and updated versions of the Java SDK and server (opens new window).

Long is really keen to get feedback so please take a look at iWF, try them out and presented him any feedback. Long has also created a couple of blog posts about iWF that we have featured in the Cadence in the News section below so please take a look.

# Cadence in the News!

Below are a selection of Cadence related articles, blogs and whitepapers. Please take a look and feel free to share via your own social media channels.

# Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment.

If you have any news or topics you'd like us to include in our next update then please join our Slack (opens new window)#community channel.

Please remember that this update is for you - so if you have any comments or feedback that could help us improve it then please share it with us in the #community Slack (opens new window) channel.