Cadence Community Spotlight Update - July 2023

Welcome to the latest of our regular monthly Community Spotlight updates that gives you news from in and around the Cadence community!

Please see below for a roundup of the highlights:

# Getting Started with Cadence

Are you new to Cadence and want to understand the basic concepts and architecture? Well we have some great information for you!

Community member Chris Qin (opens new window) has written a short blog post (opens new window) that takes you through the the three main components that make up a Cadence application. Please take a look and feel free to give us your comments and feedback.

Thanks Chris for sharing your knowledge and helping others to get started.

# Cadence Go Client v1.0 Released

This month saw the release of v1.0 of the Cadence Go Client (opens new window). Note that the work done on this release was as a result of community feedback asking for it - so we are listening and responding to community needs.

Thanks very much to everyone who worked hard to get this release out!

# Cadence Release Strategy

A recent discussion on the Cadence Release strategy was posted in Cadence Github Discussions (opens new window) (and also our #general channel on our Slack (opens new window) about the approach we'd like to take for future releases. As a community we want to ensure code stability and to not burden people with having to upgrade frequently.

Based on feedback from the community we will be introducing quarterly release cycles but also give people the ability to make use of patches and minor releases. We will be communicating the intention to make a release at least a month beforehand so that the community has time to finalise any features they want to be included in the upcoming release.

For those of you wanting to keep up to date or try out new features in between releases, the core team at Uber will continue to make patch and minor version updates available to the community.

As always we welcome your feedback so please feel free to add your thoughts and comments to the discussion.

# Cadence Helm Charts

Community member Mark Sagi-Kazar (opens new window) has been maintaining the Banzai Cloud Cadence Helm Charts for the community. As the Helm Charts are a key tool for the community we are planning to take over the maintenance of them.

Our plan is to move the charts into the Cadence repository and to maintain an official and supported Kubernetes solution with Cadence.

Huge thanks to Mark for all the work you have done and it's great to see the task being handed over and made into a community effort.

# Upcoming Events

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