Cadence Community Spotlight Update - August 2023

Welcome to the latest of our regular monthly Community Spotlight updates that gives you news from in and around the Cadence community!

Please see below for a roundup of the highlights:

# More Cadence How To's

You might have noticed that we have had a few more contributions to our blog from Chris Qin (opens new window). Chris has been busy sharing insights, and tips on a few important Cadence topics. The objective is to help the community with any potential problems.

Here are the latest topics:

Even if you have not encountered these use cases - it is good to be prepared and have a solution ready.Please take a look and let us have your feedback.

Chris is also going to take a look at the Cadence Samples (opens new window) to make sure they are all working and if not - he's going to re-write them so that they do!

Thanks very much Chris for all the work you are doing to help improve the project!

# More iWF Examaples

Community member Quanzheng Long (opens new window) has also been busy writing this month. In previous blogs Long has told us about iWF (opens new window) that is a layer implemented over of Cadence.

During August Long has published a couple of articles on using the 'ContinueAsNew' functionality in iWF. Links to Part 1 and Part are below:

Please take a look and if you've enjoyed reading them then let Long and us know!

# Cadence At the Helm!

Last month we mentioned the Cadence Helm charts and all the previous work that had been done by Mark Sagi-Kazar (opens new window). We were looking to ensure they are maintained.

So a special thanks goes out this month to Edmondo for contributing some work on the Cadence Helm Chart (opens new window).

# Community Support!

Our Slack (opens new window) channel continues to be the main place where people are asking for help and support with Cadence. During August (which is supposed to be holiday season), we still had 9 questions raised around various topics.

Huge thanks to the following community members who took time to respond and help others: David, Edmondo, Chris Qin, Rony Rahman and Ben Slater.

It's good to see that we are continuing to support each other - doing exactly what communities do!

# Cadence in the News!

Below are a selection of Cadence related articles, blogs and whitepapers. Please take a look and feel free to share via your own social media channels.

# Upcoming Events

If you have any news or topics you'd like us to include in our next update then please join our Slack (opens new window) #community channel.

Please remember that this update is for you - so if you have any comments or feedback that could help us improve it then please share it with us in the #community Slack (opens new window) channel.